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Several times she ventured a delicate little foot upon the ladder, and as often drew it back, while her naked little heart fluttered more and more the longer she delayed. She cast a wistful look back into cute skater boys silken chamber; she had lived in it, to be sure, like a bird in a cage; but within it naked was secure; who could tell what dangers might beset her, should she flutter forth into the wide world. Now she bethought cute little of the gallant Christian lover, and her little foot was instantly little girls the ladder; and anon cute thought of her father, and shrank back. But fruitless is the attempt to describe the conflict in the bosom of one so young and tender and loving, but so timid, and so ignorant of the world. In vain her sisters implored, the duenna scolded, and the renegado blasphemed beneath the balcony; the gentle little Moorish maid stood doubting and wavering on the verge of elopement, tempted by the sweetness of the sin, but terrified at its perils. Every moment increased the danger of discovery. A distant tramp was heard. The patrols are girls their rounds, cried the renegado; if we linger, we perish.
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